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I have had the opportunity to chit chat with several candidates and elected officials throughout my life and career. Usually the candidate’s image is a lot better on video or paper than in normal conversation and everyday life. It is sad but I have always walked away with a bit of disappointment and describing the person would use words such as elitist, fake, creepy, weird, programmed, pompous, unintelligent, or dry.

Today I met Sarah Steelman for the first time and had the exact opposite experience, even though previously had deep admiration for her. I would say she is caring, intelligent, funny, personable, genuine, charismatic and nice is just the start of describing her. She is a person I would enjoy eating lunch with no matter what title she has and she would fit into a crazy family reunion of mine.

Besides for her wonderful personality, I was impressed were her extensive knowledge on local rural issues from the flatlands to the Ozarks and understood that different rural localities have different challenges facing them. It stunned me when she could spontaneously and accurately speak about the pros and cons of having elk in Carter and Shannon County, while riding a gator on a deer farm.

I should have known a person who usually gets outspent 2 to 1 and still wins elections has something special about them. It is corny but today it reminded me that normal everyday Americans run for U.S. Senate and you don’t have to inherit large amounts of money to be a candidate.

Rocky P. Kingree




Cupid’s Own Machinery

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From Barklage Films: A chance encounter that has led to true love.


*I did not create this video, not sure who did… but they are my hero.

Last night, I read the Reboot Congress Blog that someone made an ethics complaint against the Missouri Leadership Committee and Steelman for US Senate. Here. My first thought was this is amateur hour, and as many thought, John Brunner did this or directed it to be done.  Note that ethics complaints are confidential and the name is redacted.

I have more respect for Brunner and think he is better than having an ethics complaint filed when a violation, if any, has no effect on an election and was done by accident. It reminds me of Kinder NRA A or +A attack.

I can remember my own elections. In the first one at the age of 25, I did not have all my “election law” ducks in a row and watched another opponent in a different election make the same mistakes I did. None of us filed any ethics complaints because none of us were attempting to circumvent election laws to get an advantage. If I ever file an ethics complaint (and would do so if I thought were trying to circumvent the intentions of the law), I would publicly state that I filed the complaint as any candidate would that believes in open dealings.

If someone filed this complaint as a “citizen,” then they should publicly state that they did because it puts blame on Brunner when none is owed. If Brunner did have his hand in this complaint, he should be open about it, even though it would make him look amateur using these types of tactics and not ready to go up against McCaskill or be a U.S. Senator.

Rocky P. Kingree

As you can note from my tweets or other writings, I am rough on Peter Kinder and one of the reasons may not be so obvious.

I have not been critical on the Secretary of State election, even though I will most likely be casting a vote for Scott Rupp. I am completely fine with all candidates as it may produce a Republican candidate in the future for Governor if they win the general.

My opposition to Peter Kinder is simply he will never be Governor.  The Democrats have Clint Zweifel  and Chris Koster hanging out for 2016 like how the Cardinals have their farm players down in Memphis and Springfield. I would sleep better at night if I knew the Republicans are going to win the Secretary of State seat and Steve Tilley makes an abrupt dash back into politics. If neither happens and Peter Kinder wins the primary, we better hope that our Governor hopeful appears. For Lager, the do nothing job of Lt Governor will be perfect for him to just focus on a 2016 Governor race as Koster and Zweifel have been doing with their positions.

On a positive note, a year in politics is an eternity, and we never know where guys like Jason Smith will be  in their careers in four years.

Why will Kinder never be Governor?

Simply put, Peter lacks judgment and does not do his job.

The lack of judgment is not entirely that he was in Verlin’s “Pantless Party” Bar with some rough looking former Penthouse Pet or all the other horrible things she said about him. Here.  Most elected officials would break a person’s camera for taking a questionable photo, and under no circumstances, would have ever been standing there with a cheese eating grin on their face at this type of joint or with this woman. I have to assume Lt. Governor Kinder finds taking pictures like this to be par for the course. Susan Montee’s children have better judgment than him, and this is exactly why Humphreys threatened to back Nixon. I won’t mention how he approached the scandal and his comments made after the fact.

It would help if Kinder did his constitutional duties. According to Kinder Lt. Governor’s website his first duty is to wake up every morning and make sure the Governor is still breathing. After that, he can preside over the Senate and cast a vote during a tie. Kinder is 0 for 5 on doing his job.

These two things, among others, make Kinder impossible to elect as a Governor and twice now we have seen think about putting on his big boy pants. Chris or Clint will be like Boston in the 2004 World Series.

Rocky Kingree

What has Kinder been up to?

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Peter Kinder has consistently been M.I.A. when it comes to his constitutional duty to break tie votes in the Missouri Senate as Lt. Governor.

Peter Kinder has broke zero out of five tie votes during his tenure. It leaves me to wonder what has he been up to? Some reports indicate Peter has been out partying, I did not believe that at first…

but then again Peter does like to party 


There has been a very interesting revelation in the Missouri Lt. Governor race that has been brought to my attention: one of the candidates is paying to have his opponent smeared.. so much for an “unbiased media.” We’ve received a tip from a source that both Jerry Berger and Scott Charton are now being paid to blog on behalf of the Kinder campaign. 

Both of these gentlemen (Berger & Charton) lean left at best, and its interesting they would be hired by Kinder. It is not uncommon however, as Kinder has paid Gentry Trotter over the years. Gentry is now the campaign manager for Russ Carnahan.

Kinder’s ethics report show that this cycle, he has paid “Multimedia PR Group” over $25,000.00. We dug some and found that Multimedia PR Group is actually Gentry Trotter and his smear tank (see Doc.1 included below)

Trotter is also the campaign manager for Russ Carnahan and here is what the St. Louis American has to say about Trotter:

“As for black surrogates, Carnahan started with the no-brainer (in this primary) of hiring a black campaign manager, who has taken the tack of emailing releases to The American with smart-ass comments about wanting to make sure our coverage is “fair and balanced.” Gentry Trotter, who follows the money, has followed the money to Team Carnahan.” Article citation

Why does Peter Kinder find it necessary to hire democrats to assist his campaign? 

Document 1 shows that Gentry Trotter is behind “Multi Media PR Group” who Kinder is paying big $$$ to.

1 of many payments Kinder has made to Gentry Trotter


Will we be seeing Peter Kinder switch parties anytime soon??

Sarah for Sarah

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Sarah for Sarah

U.S. Senate Candidate Candidate Sarah Steelman (left) receives boost from Sarah Palin

OzarksPolitics take on the Sarah Palin endorsement in Missouri’s US Senate primary- Game over. Well, that is if Steelman can pull off a statewide tour with Sarah Palin.  Steelman would see large, crushing crowds and a great deal of earned media. Additionally Steelman can get out the message of being a “rogue” Conservative who will battle the Republican establishment with Sarah Palin on her side (which is a message I believe is strong in our current state of DC).  If Governor Palin stays up in Alaska the next 3 weeks, well… twitter may have gotten too excited on Tuesday.  Needless to say this primary is going to be very interesting and Governor Palin has recharged Steelman going into the final leg.

Read more here

Good blog up today by our friends over at 24th state. E-mails have been leaked showing that Peter Kinder was trying to solicit money from Cerner at the same time he has ads up attacking Cerner for being funded by stimulus/obamacare. So far no outrage from Dana Loesch that Peter Kinder is looking for tainted Cerner money!

Read the blog post from 24th state here 


Its doubtful Dana will attack her BFF Peter Kinder on this.

What happened to media that was impartial.

Sneaky Pete

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Watch the video of Sneaky Pete * Warning: Creepy video. Produced by former installment of Ozarks Politics.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder

Last night Dana Loesch had a complete meltdown on twitter, from using profanity to tweeting at me nearly 40+ times it was clear she was rattled- and for good reason- she got busted.  See Dana Loesch broke the hit-job spin story that “Lager’s Campaign was financed by Obamacare & stimulus” in her Big Government blog found here.  Before we go any further, Lager’s Lt. Gov campaign has not received a dime from Cerner, so why is the company even an issue? cough-Hit job..cough cough.

The Company, Cerner, has a private citizen (Neal Patterson) that works there who has donated to Lager but listen to audio file 1 below where Dana says “she is all for individual donations”.  Well apparently she is a hyporcrite and it is in fact her concern since she wrote a smear article based on Neal Patterson, private individual donor. She lied on her radio show and is not truly for individual donors. I for one am tired of hyporcrites and tired of members of media who side with career politicians like Peter Kinder who is running for a 3rd term as Lt. Governor and not Governor because he fraternized with penthouse pets at pantless party bars and was caught (read here)

Furthermore, Loesch lies in her article when she tries to make readers of her big government blog believe that Patterson is Lager’s largest donor – “Does Lager agree with his top donor” the article states. Fact- Lager’s largest donors are Rex Sinquefield and David Humphreys, both of which were Kinder donors up until this year when they, like many Missourians, accepted that Brad Lager is the new-blood conservative who does not have a tainted past but rather a bright future (Read more here).  So what Dana ran was an article that is not relevant, factually incorrect, and an apparent hit job.  See Loesch was the first media source to tie Brad Lager, Cerner, and his Lt. Gov campaign together.  I researched it and there are no online stories by members of media that tie Brad Lager, Cerner, and his Lt. Governor campaign together.  Granted Cerner gave Lager money in 08, and that is out there, but that donation was before the stimulus and obamacare!!  Not to mention Cerner has donated thousands to Peter Kinder as well.


Mark Reardon said on air Tuesday 7/10 (same day Loesch broke the story) that Kinder cronies tried to bring this Cerner smear to his attention, but he (as any responsible member of the media would) met it with skepticism  (listen here). On the other hand Loesch was foaming at the mouth Tuesday to pin down Lager on the Cerner matter when he came on her show.  We are expected to believe that Kinder’s cronies tried to get Reardon but not Loesch to run the story? We are also suppose to believe that this is just some huge coincidence that the same day Kinder cronies were spreading this garbage around Dana Loesch magically had done all this research (which stinks of a hit job from an consulting firm doing opposition research) herself and ran it? Give us a break #busted

Surely Dana is not a Kinder crony.. Its not like she goes to his fundraisers or anything

"She is in the tank for Peter"

So much for Dana Loesch not being cozy with career politicians and doing hit jobs for them.

We as listeners deserve better, we need a free voice on the radio that is not cozy with politicians who have failed us like Peter Kinder. I am not a prog, I am not a RINO, I am just someone fed up with the media and hypocrites like Dana Loesch. 

-Rocky Kingree, Editor of Ozarks Politics Blog