Sarah for Sarah

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
Sarah for Sarah

U.S. Senate Candidate Candidate Sarah Steelman (left) receives boost from Sarah Palin

OzarksPolitics take on the Sarah Palin endorsement in Missouri’s US Senate primary- Game over. Well, that is if Steelman can pull off a statewide tour with Sarah Palin.  Steelman would see large, crushing crowds and a great deal of earned media. Additionally Steelman can get out the message of being a “rogue” Conservative who will battle the Republican establishment with Sarah Palin on her side (which is a message I believe is strong in our current state of DC).  If Governor Palin stays up in Alaska the next 3 weeks, well… twitter may have gotten too excited on Tuesday.  Needless to say this primary is going to be very interesting and Governor Palin has recharged Steelman going into the final leg.

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