Who filed the FEC complaint? Amateur Hour?

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night, I read the Reboot Congress Blog that someone made an ethics complaint against the Missouri Leadership Committee and Steelman for US Senate. Here. My first thought was this is amateur hour, and as many thought, John Brunner did this or directed it to be done.  Note that ethics complaints are confidential and the name is redacted.

I have more respect for Brunner and think he is better than having an ethics complaint filed when a violation, if any, has no effect on an election and was done by accident. It reminds me of Kinder NRA A or +A attack.

I can remember my own elections. In the first one at the age of 25, I did not have all my “election law” ducks in a row and watched another opponent in a different election make the same mistakes I did. None of us filed any ethics complaints because none of us were attempting to circumvent election laws to get an advantage. If I ever file an ethics complaint (and would do so if I thought were trying to circumvent the intentions of the law), I would publicly state that I filed the complaint as any candidate would that believes in open dealings.

If someone filed this complaint as a “citizen,” then they should publicly state that they did because it puts blame on Brunner when none is owed. If Brunner did have his hand in this complaint, he should be open about it, even though it would make him look amateur using these types of tactics and not ready to go up against McCaskill or be a U.S. Senator.

Rocky P. Kingree


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