Thought Common Sense Welfare Recipients Vote Democrat

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I always thought it was common sense that people who get welfare benefits vote overwhelmingly Democrat. It is not common sense for St. Louis people like MO Snark ( The individual has a belief that the Missouri 8th congressional is voting Republican and on welfare with nothing to back it up. (Map of Welfare Benefits) This St. Louis dweller does not realize a huge segment of the population vote the Democrat ticket and some are considered Democrat counties in rural Missouri. It is hard to believe that anyone in rural Missouri would vote Democrat unless getting a check from the government. It seems on the high side that some counties have over 30% of people on some kind of welfare but every county has more people voting Democrat than on welfare.

I can’t understand the point on Franklin County (Here), which is MO Snark overall point in every county. MO Snark says 77% of Franklin County voters voted for a Republican State Representative and 14% are on food stamps. Hmmmmm…..I wonder if that 14% was part of the 23% that voted Democrat.  A Maxwell poll and NPR poll says overwhelmingly government benefits equal Democrat votes.

Share of Recipients of each program that self-identified as supporters of Republican party in 2004-2007 Maxwell Poll:

Government Subsidized Housing 12%
Medicaid: 16%
Food Stamps: 20%
Unemployment Compensation: 21%
Welfare or public assistance: 22%
Disability benefits from government 25%

We see below in a two-party split 60-80% of welfare recipients are Democrats and full time Workers are evenly divided between parties:

Rocky Kingree


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