The Republicans need a Governor candidate for 2016!

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

As you can note from my tweets or other writings, I am rough on Peter Kinder and one of the reasons may not be so obvious.

I have not been critical on the Secretary of State election, even though I will most likely be casting a vote for Scott Rupp. I am completely fine with all candidates as it may produce a Republican candidate in the future for Governor if they win the general.

My opposition to Peter Kinder is simply he will never be Governor.  The Democrats have Clint Zweifel  and Chris Koster hanging out for 2016 like how the Cardinals have their farm players down in Memphis and Springfield. I would sleep better at night if I knew the Republicans are going to win the Secretary of State seat and Steve Tilley makes an abrupt dash back into politics. If neither happens and Peter Kinder wins the primary, we better hope that our Governor hopeful appears. For Lager, the do nothing job of Lt Governor will be perfect for him to just focus on a 2016 Governor race as Koster and Zweifel have been doing with their positions.

On a positive note, a year in politics is an eternity, and we never know where guys like Jason Smith will be  in their careers in four years.

Why will Kinder never be Governor?

Simply put, Peter lacks judgment and does not do his job.

The lack of judgment is not entirely that he was in Verlin’s “Pantless Party” Bar with some rough looking former Penthouse Pet or all the other horrible things she said about him. Here.  Most elected officials would break a person’s camera for taking a questionable photo, and under no circumstances, would have ever been standing there with a cheese eating grin on their face at this type of joint or with this woman. I have to assume Lt. Governor Kinder finds taking pictures like this to be par for the course. Susan Montee’s children have better judgment than him, and this is exactly why Humphreys threatened to back Nixon. I won’t mention how he approached the scandal and his comments made after the fact.

It would help if Kinder did his constitutional duties. According to Kinder Lt. Governor’s website his first duty is to wake up every morning and make sure the Governor is still breathing. After that, he can preside over the Senate and cast a vote during a tie. Kinder is 0 for 5 on doing his job.

These two things, among others, make Kinder impossible to elect as a Governor and twice now we have seen think about putting on his big boy pants. Chris or Clint will be like Boston in the 2004 World Series.

Rocky Kingree


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