Remarks on meeting Sarah Steelman!

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have had the opportunity to chit chat with several candidates and elected officials throughout my life and career. Usually the candidate’s image is a lot better on video or paper than in normal conversation and everyday life. It is sad but I have always walked away with a bit of disappointment and describing the person would use words such as elitist, fake, creepy, weird, programmed, pompous, unintelligent, or dry.

Today I met Sarah Steelman for the first time and had the exact opposite experience, even though previously had deep admiration for her. I would say she is caring, intelligent, funny, personable, genuine, charismatic and nice is just the start of describing her. She is a person I would enjoy eating lunch with no matter what title she has and she would fit into a crazy family reunion of mine.

Besides for her wonderful personality, I was impressed were her extensive knowledge on local rural issues from the flatlands to the Ozarks and understood that different rural localities have different challenges facing them. It stunned me when she could spontaneously and accurately speak about the pros and cons of having elk in Carter and Shannon County, while riding a gator on a deer farm.

I should have known a person who usually gets outspent 2 to 1 and still wins elections has something special about them. It is corny but today it reminded me that normal everyday Americans run for U.S. Senate and you don’t have to inherit large amounts of money to be a candidate.

Rocky P. Kingree




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