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There has been a very interesting revelation in the Missouri Lt. Governor race that has been brought to my attention: one of the candidates is paying to have his opponent smeared.. so much for an “unbiased media.” We’ve received a tip from a source that both Jerry Berger and Scott Charton are now being paid to blog on behalf of the Kinder campaign. 

Both of these gentlemen (Berger & Charton) lean left at best, and its interesting they would be hired by Kinder. It is not uncommon however, as Kinder has paid Gentry Trotter over the years. Gentry is now the campaign manager for Russ Carnahan.

Kinder’s ethics report show that this cycle, he has paid “Multimedia PR Group” over $25,000.00. We dug some and found that Multimedia PR Group is actually Gentry Trotter and his smear tank (see Doc.1 included below)

Trotter is also the campaign manager for Russ Carnahan and here is what the St. Louis American has to say about Trotter:

“As for black surrogates, Carnahan started with the no-brainer (in this primary) of hiring a black campaign manager, who has taken the tack of emailing releases to The American with smart-ass comments about wanting to make sure our coverage is “fair and balanced.” Gentry Trotter, who follows the money, has followed the money to Team Carnahan.” Article citation

Why does Peter Kinder find it necessary to hire democrats to assist his campaign? 

Document 1 shows that Gentry Trotter is behind “Multi Media PR Group” who Kinder is paying big $$$ to.

1 of many payments Kinder has made to Gentry Trotter


Will we be seeing Peter Kinder switch parties anytime soon??

  1. Travis Smith says:

    Are you nuts, it’s clear that the news blogs are for people with news backgrounds. First, of all I am not a campaign manager for Russ Carnahan, his name is Maurice Henderson, an accomplishments professional, who also happens to be an African-American. Like me – and I’ve got news for you — all Blacks are not liberals, or idiots or even stupid right-wing bfloggers.
    When you and Brad Lager were in diapers I was a long time Ronald Reagan Republican and long-time pal of W, the former U.S. President of the United States. When W was campaigning for his father against then Governor Reagan, we became good friends, as is his uncle Bucky Bush. In my home are three personal autograph photos of myself and W – alone; Kit Bond, Presidents Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, John Ashcroft, and even Rush Limbaugh (who is supporting Kinder). Oh, there are several photos of Nelson Mandela to even life out.
    One of my firms on the publishing side was going to give Brad Lager (like in beer) the benefit of the doubt, but if his people can’t get their crap right, and do good work, then this son-of-gun has lost my vote, the same apparently mean-spirit Republican, who wasted our taxpayer’s dollars with that bizarre legislative February Republican beauty contest, not one of the candidates picked-up any delegates. Waste of dough, dude!
    I support good conservative Republicans and Dems, and even moderates; and I have disgust for assholes, who wrongfully lump a good independent conservative in with any left-right wingers.
    If you had done your homework, you would have taken note that one of our print publications is supporting Ann Wagner. I will accept your apology, especially when you put me in the same political stack as Jerry Berger, a true left-winger, who I enjoy also reading.
    Let’s face it if God had made all candy-ass, mean-spirited bloggers like yourself — -many of us would have had to commit suicide, long time ago. It’s now a “no” vote for Lugar (like in Beer) for sure— thanks to you, for helping me to make up my mind, and those double-dipping Obamacare commercials, are too much to take.
    I am sure that the “real conservatives” with heart and decency are freaking embarrassed that they are supporting your boy now. By the way, I am proud to have worked for Peter Kinder, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, and prouder even Governor Matt Blunt. None of them are mean-spirited, but compassionate Republicans. I’ve supported and worked for more conservative and moderate Republicans and Democrats than you can shake a stick at. So wonder my friend Senator Danforth had to repeatedly chide the unreasonable right-wind members of the Republican Party. Calling me a left-wing is a freaking insult, no different than calling you a racist. None of my affiliates currently work for Mr. Kinder; but it ain’t a bad idea; and if taking care of seniors and disabled as Mr. Kinder is doing in his Lt. Governor of Missouri position, then Christ, who teaches us the tradition of Christian/Judeo love –helping the least of us — our neighbors— he is a huge offender to you and probably a candy-ass, left-winger. Oh, but he was a Jew, and in your Bootheel mentality that’s probably worse than being a successful, politically independent African-American, who also didn’t vote for Mr. Obama last time.
    But you nasty muthers truly make life worth taking a moment for pause.
    Gentry Trotter

    • Calling you a left winger is as insulting as you seeing “Ozarks Politics” and saying “Bootheel mentality.” The Ozark region is not close to the bootheel and stereotyping a “Bootheel mentality” is a bit disturbing. We will note that it is our opinion you sway left compared to this blog and you are not a “left winger”

  2. Travis Smith says:

    Bottomline, Multimedia or its conservative staff are not involved in this Lt. Gov. primary election. Our last assignment was in June and none of the work performed had anything to do with Mr. Lugar vs. Mr. Kinder. Outraged that you would call us left-wingers, as our leader is a staunch Ronald Reagan supporter, has a long-time relationship with President George W. Bush, and worked for both Senator Roy Blunt and Governor Matt Blunt. Liberal American newspaper has previously I.D. Russ Carnahan’s campaign manager as Maurice Henderson, also an African-American. Our leader, Mr. Trotter and his pubs are supporting Carnahan over Lacy Clay. He once employed Ivie Clay, Lacy’s ex-wife, who was publicly humilated in a surprised public marriage split. Our boss took Ivie’s position, who had once worked as a reporter for the conservative Globe-Democrat, and when it closed she worked for us. You owe us an apology. Travis Smith of MultiMedia, St. Louis.

    • I do appreciate that your boss Gentry Trotter has a lot of fight in him and stands up for what he believes in. We just believe (note above reply) that he sways left.

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