Is Dana Loesch in the tank for Peter Kinder?

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night Dana Loesch had a complete meltdown on twitter, from using profanity to tweeting at me nearly 40+ times it was clear she was rattled- and for good reason- she got busted.  See Dana Loesch broke the hit-job spin story that “Lager’s Campaign was financed by Obamacare & stimulus” in her Big Government blog found here.  Before we go any further, Lager’s Lt. Gov campaign has not received a dime from Cerner, so why is the company even an issue? cough-Hit job..cough cough.

The Company, Cerner, has a private citizen (Neal Patterson) that works there who has donated to Lager but listen to audio file 1 below where Dana says “she is all for individual donations”.  Well apparently she is a hyporcrite and it is in fact her concern since she wrote a smear article based on Neal Patterson, private individual donor. She lied on her radio show and is not truly for individual donors. I for one am tired of hyporcrites and tired of members of media who side with career politicians like Peter Kinder who is running for a 3rd term as Lt. Governor and not Governor because he fraternized with penthouse pets at pantless party bars and was caught (read here)

Furthermore, Loesch lies in her article when she tries to make readers of her big government blog believe that Patterson is Lager’s largest donor – “Does Lager agree with his top donor” the article states. Fact- Lager’s largest donors are Rex Sinquefield and David Humphreys, both of which were Kinder donors up until this year when they, like many Missourians, accepted that Brad Lager is the new-blood conservative who does not have a tainted past but rather a bright future (Read more here).  So what Dana ran was an article that is not relevant, factually incorrect, and an apparent hit job.  See Loesch was the first media source to tie Brad Lager, Cerner, and his Lt. Gov campaign together.  I researched it and there are no online stories by members of media that tie Brad Lager, Cerner, and his Lt. Governor campaign together.  Granted Cerner gave Lager money in 08, and that is out there, but that donation was before the stimulus and obamacare!!  Not to mention Cerner has donated thousands to Peter Kinder as well.


Mark Reardon said on air Tuesday 7/10 (same day Loesch broke the story) that Kinder cronies tried to bring this Cerner smear to his attention, but he (as any responsible member of the media would) met it with skepticism  (listen here). On the other hand Loesch was foaming at the mouth Tuesday to pin down Lager on the Cerner matter when he came on her show.  We are expected to believe that Kinder’s cronies tried to get Reardon but not Loesch to run the story? We are also suppose to believe that this is just some huge coincidence that the same day Kinder cronies were spreading this garbage around Dana Loesch magically had done all this research (which stinks of a hit job from an consulting firm doing opposition research) herself and ran it? Give us a break #busted

Surely Dana is not a Kinder crony.. Its not like she goes to his fundraisers or anything

"She is in the tank for Peter"

So much for Dana Loesch not being cozy with career politicians and doing hit jobs for them.

We as listeners deserve better, we need a free voice on the radio that is not cozy with politicians who have failed us like Peter Kinder. I am not a prog, I am not a RINO, I am just someone fed up with the media and hypocrites like Dana Loesch. 

-Rocky Kingree, Editor of Ozarks Politics Blog

  1. S says:

    Nice post. It’s courageous of you to stand up to nonsense from people who freak out and make personal attacks whenever they’re busted. I just wanted to point out that the Gateway Pundit post you linked to doesn’t only show that Dana was at the fundraiser; a later photo also has the following caption: “Dana Loesch and husband Chris were there to support Peter Kinder.” The fundraiser was at a private house in Chesterfield, so if they didn’t donate but were allowed to attend, that suggests they were getting special treatment from Kinder.

    By the way, many many conservative activists around the St. Louis area know that Loesch is a hack and don’t take her seriously at all. The reaction to your point supports this view.

  2. ROCKY KINGREE’s REMARKS TO THIS. “You missed the entire point. Loesch “eludes” and “it doesn’t look right” sums up your point. Let’s be honest and real…Dana Loesch said that Cerner is top donor of Cerner which is a lie. Did she throw in how much Kinder took in campaign money? No. She had to do a real big connect the dots show with throwing in lies, misleading info, leaving info out, etc This is why it is a Dana Loesch HIT JOB!

    “At minimum it doesn’t look right regardless of any conclusions or implication from the Loesch piece [especially when the piece is rigged] Also, Kinder has same slander by taking money from Cerner”

    An unbiased review: After reading the Dana Loesch piece as well as yours, including links, I believe the entire conflict can be summed up in the following quote in your piece, “… Lager’s Lt. Gov campaign has not received a dime from Cerner, so why is the company even an issue? cough-Hit job..cough cough.”

    As an employee of Cerner, that touts the stimulus spending on its own site, there is a reasonable question of Cerner’s interests and thus reasonable questions of a crony capitalist “quid pro quo” relationship though no proof thereof (not uncommon with races in history since our founding and beyond.) At minimum it doesn’t look right regardless of any conclusions or implication from the Loesch piece.

    Discounting the conflict of interest her piece eludes to is in my opinion errant even if Mr. Lager’s character and motive are as pure as the driven snow as they say.

    • You have a “reply” function. Do you always feel the need to co-opt a comment? Not that I get much traffic but I only use it to omit profanity or correct spelling as a courtesy. Anyway,

      If D Loeche was in error regarding who the largest donor is its correct to point it out but to argue that such an error discounts her point, which I got, is respectfully, a canard. She raised the issue of conflict of interest with regard to profiting from and having a interest in the success of the Obamacare legislation as a company (Cerner) and an employee of Cerner (Lager).

      “Connecting dots” as a matter of speculation does not disprove accurate connection, though it should be qualified as such. I read it as she did, but can go back and read it again. If you however can discount those dots with facts you are right to do so, granted one cannot always disprove a negative as they say.

      At the end of the day both parties should be vetted, including the incumbent. The process of vetting is sometimes unpleasant and includes hard questions as to character, relationships, etc. The Narcissist we currently have in office in DC is proof of what happens when the hard questions are not asked and people are attacked for asking them. May it never happen again. Any honorable candidate will survive the tough questions which are natural considering the employment status of Mr. Lager

      • T. Broehler says:

        I don’t know what the motives are here, but if this tweet is true, conflict of interest abounds?

        “The Dana Loesch/ Peter Kinder relationship is just unethical. Kinder is a client of Shock City Studios, owned by Chris Loesch.”

      • T.B. If true it should be disclosed by Loesch but not necessarily unethical. One usually assumes those who are paid to produce political advertizing (which I assume would be the relationship) would not be an adversary. But again, if true disclosure is appropriate for Loesch’s credibility.

  3. Reblogged this on Talon's Point and commented:
    I can see both side of this conflict. All candidates should be fully vetted, including the sitting Lt. Gov

  4. VA-TEA says:

    I don’t know what is with Dana Loesch lately, but I’ve noticed a change. Lately on Twitter, she has been attacking conservatives while her husband threatens to block people who talk bad about his friends (“even if it’s an RT”, he wrote). Many conservatives have whispered that Chris Loesch has them blocked already, when they haven’t even followed him.

    The couple have recently voiced opposition to the spam-block suspensions where Chris Loesch was caught up in what appears to be an automated ban sweep instigated when a large group blocks a person. So it seems strange that Chris Loesch would be using the same bullying tactics. But there he was, carrying out his threat to do so.

    The change seems to be where the Loesch’s are gravitating more toward the left of right-wing politics and are encouraging that the staunch conservative side be shunned. Two former leftists and recent converts to the conservative stream seem to be the force behind it along with a few Breitbart employees. Their claim to authority is apparently their past friendship with Andrew Breitbart.

    I realized something was incredibly different when they went on the attack towards RedState’s Erick Erickson at a blog run by a Deputy District Attorney in California, John Patrick Frey. He entertained a scathing review of Erickson. I don’t understand these motives especially when Erick Erickson was a kind supporter of Andrew Breitbart and his people.

    A quick history of the politics behind these people, including the Loesch’s, is oddly left-wing. They were registered Democrats. Among some recent tweets, I found disturbing links they were pushing that wrote such things as, “This show was produced in an effort to explain to the people on the periphery what is taking shape in the shifting conservative ‘leadership’.” Then they proceed to interview a drama queen who popped up out of nowhere, about something no one cares about, to somehow prove we all need to listen to the new face of leadership? I’d laugh but these people are serious.

    Since I am a conservative and know what it means to be one, I don’t take kindly to this attack on Republicans, the GOP, the Tea Party or conservatives in general. If it is the intention to capitalize on Breitbart’s passing and redefine established norms, please find your own party, Ms. Loesch & Friends. The last thing we conservatives will tolerate is anyone doing to us what the Progressives did when they pushed the Democrats out and took over their brand. If you continue, we’ll call you out on it publicly. People such as the Heritage Foundation have far better rankings and experience then you do.

    I understand that many of you over at Breitbart are far more tolerant of abortion, drugs, pornography and the like, but that doesn’t give you the right to call yourselves conservatives either and be a bully towards cradle Republicans because you think who you are and use intimidation tactics to force people into your camp that appears to always be asking for someone’s money.

    The conservatives are here to stay and they will not be re-branded by anyone. Let’s just make that clear. This is fair warning to you and your #war.

  5. VA-TEA says:

    I could be wrong, but it looks like you were just group-block suspended. So much for free speech. Just terrible things happening. So sad.


    Invoking Godwin Law means I win and you get blocked. Yay! Misspelling “conceited” and “blitzkrieg” just icing on cake.

  6. […] story on his radio show on KMOX. Reardon admited that the Kinder campaign tipped him off (hat tip: Ozarks Politics). One implication of that fact is that Dana Loesch is running Kinder’s press releases under […]

  7. Gemey McNabb says:

    Dana Loesch is drifting further and further away from conservative values and seems to follow “the money” aka those who will faithfully use her husband’s company. No matter how conservative a candidate may be, even being at the first Tea Party with Dana, will not earn her support or even keep her from making snarky and unwarranted remarks and tweets. Those of us in STL know all too well her underhanded tactics.

  8. D. Smith says:

    All this stuff about Kinder would mean something if there were better sources about the ‘stripper’ story. The Riverfront Times!?!? Are you kidding? The most liberal dirt bag rag that actually succeeds at making the National Enquirer look like a truthful, honest publication. Kinder admitted associations with this lady (and as I know him personally)and has had tendencies in the past to ‘stop in’ to those kind of places. He has made commitments to get away from them as they are inconsistent with his upbringing. RFT would never post that. As for his expense thing… investigated 3 times and nothing illegal or out of place was ever found. The ‘fancy’ hotels he stayed in were giving him a government discount and were frequently less than national chains.
    You can smear who you want. You can rip on Dana… who cares. And Brad Lager may not be guilty of anything. I don’t know. But Peter Kinder hasn’t done anything wrong. Maybe a bit off color for some of us… but not illegal.

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